Please send us an email if you have any questions:
Are you excited about our house and it’s beautiful surroundings? After reading our fine print and agreeing on our terms you are welcome to make a reservation here:



  • 750€     May & October
  • 850€     June & September
  • 925€     July & August

3 nights:

  • 395€     May & October
  • 495€     June & September

Because Saturdays are the beginning of a new reservation, they might seem occupied, don’t worry! you can most certainly start your reservation on that day.

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  1. The house is available for a minimum of 3 days in May, June, September and October, in July and August the minimum stay is a week.
    -From Saturday until Saturday
    -CHECKING IN from 16h until 20h
    -CHECKING OUT from 9h until 11h 
  2. Reservation:     
    Please also make a reservation via email:
    Give us your information about:
    -Your full name and the number of people staying in our house
    -Your contact information: e-mail and phone number.
    Please send us a copy of your valid identification card as proof of identity.
  3. When booking more than 1 month in advance, we would like you to pay a deposit of 300€ per booked week.
  4. In case of booking less than 1 month in advance, you need to pay the full amount of the reservation.
  5. A guarantee of 500€ needs to be paid together with the renting fee. This sum will be paid back to you within a week after your stay, after a checkup of the house and it’s contents.
  6. The use of bed sheets is included in our price, you can use our towels(10€ per person), also our whirlpool (50€). Please let us know in advance if you need anything together with your reservation.
    [We are sorry to have to cancel the use of our whirlpool because of COVID-19 , as an alternative we’re offering you our wonderful outdoor shower.]
  7. The tourist tax is 1.65€ per person a day, for people over 13 years old. This tourist tax will be combined with our compulsory cleaning cost of 60€.
  8. The holiday season isn’t very long, our reservations are therefore definite. This means that with any cancelled reservation before 4 weeks of your arrival, you need to pay 300€. Cancellations after those 4 weeks will result in paying the full sum of the reservation. We advice you to take a cancellation insurance.

A. Little, sociable dogs are allowed, but please do inform us beforehand.
B. Please refrain from smoking inside the house! You can smoke on our terraces, please leave your cigarette butts in the destined ashtrays. We would like you to keep it tidy, we are inclined to charge you an extra cleaning hour in case we need to clean up the butts after you.
C. GRANGE VENTOUX  is fully furnished… We are keeping an active INVENTORY of the contents of the house. You can always request that list.
D. Please clean your bikes outside on the front porch, never on the terrace or in the garage.
E. Inside the house you will find a number of touristic brochures that you can keep. Books, climbing guides and hiking maps belong to the house and need to be returned. Please protect them well from bad weather!
F. The Bluetooth speakers need to stay where they are, please don’t take them around the house.
G. To protect our beautiful floors we would like you to not wear your shoes inside the house.
H. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy a relaxing whirlpool outside on the terrace! We can set up the whirlpool if you make a reservation in advance, the costs are 50€, this covers the hygienic elements, heating and water. Do shower before you start your personal wellness.
[We are sorry to have to cancel the use of our whirlpool because of COVID-19 , as an alternative we’re offering you our wonderful outdoor shower.]
I. A little bit of wood can be found underneath the barbecue. Charcoal for starting our barbecue has to be bought by yourself. You must always be extremely careful with fire, the Mistral wind and the drought can be severe dangers. Please follow instructions from the fire- and tourist department.
J. The river Nesque is a very clean stream and often you will see trout swimming in it, its source is 7km upstream. Monieux purifies its wastewater in reetland. Please collect used toiletpaper in our dustbin to keep the Nesque clean.
K. Even though there is a cleaning fee, we would like you to leave the house in a decent state. Leave your garbage in the village bins and do not leave your washing up. In case of an excessively dirty state of the house we will charge you extra for cleaning.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Please (at Details) write down: ‘Read and accepted’.

Address Grange Ventoux:
Route de Methamis
Quartier Moulin de la Fontain 1
84390 Monieux