The GR9 is behind the terrace and takes you to the chapel Saint Roche. Every day we start with a beautiful morning walk. You have a beautiful view of Monieux and Sault. This walk already gives a good impression of the surroundings. I will talk about some of the best walks in the area.

Gorges de La Nesque:
A beautiful and very varied circular walk with a spectacular descent into the gorge. You start in the fields, pass the plan d’eau of Monieux and then see the landscape change abruptly at a very short distance. The rocky path rises moderately and runs through a beautiful oak forest next to beautiful cliffs, where you can also do sport climbing. At the fork of Saint-Hubert / chapel St. Michel, a deep descent follows in the middle of the gorge. You pass deep ravines, overhanging rock walls and large caves. Numerous traces of Neanderthals were found here. Imagine yourself in prehistoric times. Once you arrive at the river, you have to cross this on a rocky bridge. The chapel St. Michel suddenly appears in the shadow under an overhanging rock section. This dates from the 12th century and has beautiful frescoes and carvings. This is a lovely place to take a break before you start scrambling up again. You walk back to Monieux via the right bank of the Nesque, where the vegetation here is completely different. Old stone terraces indicate that the land was once cultivated here. Monieux, which now only has 250 inhabitants, was much larger in the Middle Ages and had more than 1000 inhabitants. Stefan Hertmans brilliantly describes the forbidden love story of the 11th century in the Convert. A fantastic book that will make you look at the village in a different way. On this walk you will recognize many details that he describes in his book.

The Toulourenc with wet feet:
On warm days, this walk in the riverbed of the Toulourenc is a refreshing excursion. It is best to walk upstream from Veaux towards St Léger. At first you walk in ankle-deep water, but soon you come across pools where you sometimes have to swim. Be very careful with thunder! The name toulourenc is in Provencal “tout ou rien”, and it is not without reason that this name was stolen.

Northside of the Ventoux:

A very varied circular walk that takes you over the top. You will experience on foot why the Mont Ventoux is such a unique mountain. Normally, this hike starts behind the Mont Serein campsite. However, we advise you to start at the chalet Reynard. This way you do not drive unnecessarily over the top and you can enjoy the spectacular views of the ridge while walking. Here you are in the territory of chamois and ibex. Until the 18th century, people did not dare to walk along the north side: it was haunted. The story was that the devil lived in the belly of the Ventoux. This turns out to be a cave whose side channels reach to the top. When the Mistral blows you hear the Ventoux crying. The cave is located just above the GR.